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Chiapas is for those who want to see raw nature, escape the tourist’s hoards, and connect with nature and true indigenous culture in a unique way! Detoxing, Regenerating, and rejuvenating your organs.

Dr.  Fidel Diaz, M.N of Neovita Institute, over 38+ consecutive years, learning, teaching, and applying all-natural therapies, invites you, to come to his homeland, relax and feel as your worries melt away.                                                

Some of the strongest cure available is the innate healing and treatment benefits of a genuine natural environment and a lot of empathy.





                Stem Wet Saunas

Juice therapy

                PRP Therapy     




                Oxidative Therapy



Being in Chiapas, you can visit…

 Cascada de agua azul : Twinkling in the sunlight, the Blue Water Cascades, the vivid blues stand out starkly against the rocks and trees around them.                  

Cañon del  Sumidero : One of the most popular tourist attractions, is spectacular, its steep almost vertical walls tower up to a km in height.     

 Ocosingo Chiapas: Statue of a Maya woman at the central roundabout in Ocosingo. The borders of the Usumacinta River.

 Ruinas de Palenque : Palenque is a journey into the history and mysticism of the Mayan Culture .      

Chiapas de Corzo : Is a very charming town that has a wonderful relaxed and laidback feel to it         

San Cristobel de Las Casas : Full of incredible colonial architecture, cobbled streets, and lively street markets.

And more…

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